Saturday, November 3, 2012

Vito's dancers: What do you think?

This post is for Vito's students and friends:

Many of you know Mike Fitzgerald.

Well, Mike created a Testimonials page on Vito's website. This was a fantastic idea. Nothing could possibly be a better recommendation for Vito's amazing talent, both as a dancer and instructor, and for his 1000-watt personality than the word-of-mouth of his dancers, right?

Sure... but, to date, there are (count 'em) TWO testimonials! Pretty pathetic, huh? LOL!

While Mike is away with his lovely wife Barb for two months vacationing in Arizona, I'll be taking care of Vito's website. I'd say I got the better end of that deal, don't you think? (Ha ha ha!) At any rate, during that time, I'd like to add a few more testimonials. Actually, I'd like to add many more. Two is a pretty puny number.

If you care to give Mr. Magrone a shout-out, please either post a comment here on the blog or contact me privately and I'll post it.

We sure could use it, and I'm sure Vito will be most appreciative. Feel free to use humor, ("Step before you turn" references, anyone?). No need to be formal. This is, after all, a ballroom dancing website. It's supposed to be fun!

Thanks a bunch! See you soon,


P.S. Scroll down on this page or visit Vito's website to view upcoming ballroom dance parties, lessons and events.

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