Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Friday night's cha cha class & open ballroom dance

Hi gang,
Talked to Vito today. We're going to have what could best be described as a "mini dance" after the cha cha class this Friday. I'll be there for both the class and the open dance with my full library of 8,500+ ballroom and popular dance tunes; a selection of the most popular songs for your dancing and listening pleasure.

Last time I was at the Georgetown Clubhouse, it was a great time. We ended the evening with a few songs directly played through the sound system directly from Joe Sbertoli's iPod. I do take requests. If you have a particular dance you'd like to do or a song you'd like to hear, feel free to add a comment below and I'll add it to the evening's playlist.
Guaranteed to be a fun evening! Class starts at 7:00 and open dance begins at 8:00. The cost is $10, lesson included. All the details are here:
Hope to see you (and your amazing, cheeky cha cha cha) there!

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