Monday, February 23, 2015

Pics from our Fabulous and Fun Mardi Gras Themed Party at Ballroom City

What a fun night it was! The Samba pattern was HOT, and the dancers picked it up with ease. The rest of the evening was just as nice! Check it out...

Vito, DJ Sandia and the whole gang will be back at Ballroom City on Saturday, March 21st. That's going to be a fun one! Foxtrot Don't miss Vito Magrone's monthly appearance as host at Ballroom City! Vito, one of BRC's most popular pro hosts, will be teaching a stylish Foxtrot pattern prior to the dance. Can't beat that - Foxtrot is arguably one of the most versatile and popular of all dances. Not to mention that Foxtrot music is so much fun to listen to! But that's not all - we have a fun theme in March - a hat party! Hats are optional, of course. But if you have one you'd like to wear, get in the spirit, put on your favorite fedora, sombrero, beanie, Kentucky Derby, cowboy topper or whatever you've got - and come out and dance! We'll have prizes for the best hats. The Foxtrot group lesson starts at 7:30 and the dance begins at 8:00. We'll be playing a mix of all your ballroom favorites: Waltz, Tango, Swing, Cha Cha, Salsa, Hustle, Samba, Rumba... Foxtrot (of course) and more... sounds like a fabulous one. Hope to see you there! 

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