Saturday, September 28, 2013

Just Dance -- in October!

Greetings, dancers...

October ballroom dance group classes start this week. We're thrilled to be dancing on the brand new floor at Georgetown. Here's what is on schedule for this month:

Tango and Cha Cha classes will be taking place on Thursday nights. No prior dance experience is required. You do not need a partner to join. Everyone is encouraged to come and check it out. You can sit and observe first, or join right in. It's up to you!

What you can expect? A friendly group of people. A relaxed and easygoing, yet professional and talented instructor. A great time!

Advanced class is back. Those of you who attended this class before, please note the date change. The class will now be held on Tuesday nights at 8:00 instead of Wednesday. I'm told the Tuesday night slot worked much better for the majority of the dancers, so Vito made the switch in order to accomodate the schedules of as many people as possible.

The advanced class is for dancers with prior experience.  During the month of October, we'll be learning Waltz patterns. Give Vito a call if you would like to join this group.

Intermediate Rumba is back by popular demand on Tuesday evenings at 7:00. If you know the Rumba basics already, this class is for you!

Click above to download the PDF version of the flyer. It opens with the free program, Adobe Reader. Or, you can visit the website for class details.

See you in class!

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