Monday, July 22, 2013

West Coast Swing and Rumba - Back by Popular Demand!

The students have taken a (very informal) vote, and the verdict is...

Let's do more West Coast Swing and Rumba!!!

We've had so much fun learning the basics of both these dances the past four weeks. The problem is, we're just getting into it and hate to see it end so soon. So, the group has spoken and the fun continues! Starting Thursday, August 1, 2013 Vito will be beginning brand new sessions of these two fabulous dances. If you missed it first time around, consider this the perfect opportunity to join the class. Vito will review all the basics, then we'll move on to some stylish patterns.

Come for one class or both!

West Coast Swing (WCS) is currently one of the most popular dances to learn. You might even call it a dance craze! It is so appealing to dancers because it is incredibly versatile. At first, WCS had roots in Country music and a western or bluesy feel. It still does, but nowadays you'll see it danced to pop music, too. What used to be more of a fun novelty is now quickly becoming a mainstay at ballroom dance parties. This is a dance you'll be able to take with you nearly everywhere you go to dance - from a Western bar to a wedding to a nightclub. You'll be very glad you learned this relaxed, and laid-back dance!

Rumba, the loveliest and smoothest Latin dance, is also perhaps the easiest to learn. Vito is a Latin dance expert. You can read his impressive bio here. You'll be learning from a true professional! In class, Vito teaches basic but beautiful Rumba patterns. But what really sets him apart is that he takes the time to give simple styling tips that make you look great. Few instructors will give you so much bang for your buck!

Men and women learning dance steps in the Rumba group class at the Georgetown Clubhouse.

A note to all you non-dancing "lurkers":

Considering starting but not sure dance is for you? Neither were any of us! If you've been thinking about joining the class but haven't done so yet, why don't you just stop by? You don't have to stay. You can just observe. I can tell you this. We're a regular group of people from the area, from all walks of life. Nothing intimidating here, no ballerinas, nobody taking it too seriously, just a friendly crowd. Dance is great exercise and it's a lot of fun. But mostly, we just come to have a great time! And we always do.

Classes take place at the Georgetown Clubhouse in Wood Dale.

Hope you can join us!

See you out dancing soon,


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