Friday, May 31, 2013

Upcoming Dance Dates

Sitting around is boring.
Don't do it!
Get out and dance!!!

There is a big, fun and friendly group of people out there who share ballroom dance as a hobby. Why don't you come on out and join us?

Vito Magrone hosts at Ballroom City

Having a great time at Ballroom City

Vito makes his popular monthly appearance as dance host/guest instructor at Ballroom City in Villa Park on Saturday, June 15. Come at 7:30 for the Bolero lesson, arrive at 8:00 for the dance party, or do both! Either way, admission is the same, a bargain at $10. This dance is always a great time. I'll be there, playing your ballroom favorites. 

If you'd like to mark your calendar in advance, Vito will return in July on Saturday the 21st, when he'll teach Swing followed by a dance party. I'll post more information on that when we get closer to the date. Meanwhile, click on the announcement below for the June dance date details.


Dance World Welcomes Vito Back in July

Terry McNulty, president of Dance World has confirmed that there has been a schedule change. This news is so fresh that I don't think the Dance World website even reflects the change yet. Vito has been invited to host July's dance.

All the info is right here on this blog.  

Group Classes and Private Lessons at Georgetown Clubhouse in Wood Dale

Rumba and Samba group class continues through June 20th. Soon, I hope to have some exciting new announcements about what dances will be offered next! As always, as soon as I hear, I'll post the details right here on the Vito blog.
Rumba ballroom dance lesson - click here for details!  Samba ballroom dance lesson - click here for details!

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