Friday, January 31, 2014

Sunday, January 26, 2014

February Schedule - Hot Off The Presses

Hello dancers!

I'm really looking forward to dance in February.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Personally, I can't wait for the Continuity Waltz class on Thursday nights at 8:00 at Georgetown West! That should be great. If you know Waltz and feel ready to take your ordinary box step to the next level, this is the class to join.

Another favorite of mine is West Coast Swing. It's a fun, incredibly popular dance. Join Vito for that Thursdays at 7:00. My WCS needs some work! I'll be there...

Tuesday evenings, Vito will continue advanced Tango. I've talked to several people about this class. If you're one of them and you're reading this now, you're probably smiling. I'll just say this... advanced dancers, what are you waiting for? Several of your friends are already in this class. You belong in here with us!

Vito will be making his first appearance ever at the Tango Argentina Club. Don't let the name fool you. Although this dance organization has its roots in Argentine Tango, they have expanded their range of activities and now feature a ballroom night. That's what Vito will be hosting on Friday, February 7. He will be teaching a Rumba pattern prior to the dance. I hear impressive spread of delicious food is provided, BYOB. I've never been to the Tango Argentina Club, but president Ruben Carrasco has been gracious and welcoming as we worked with him to schedule Vito at this event. Can't wait to check it out!

A big highlight in February, of course, is Valentine's Day, and we'll be celebrating at Ballroom City on Saturday, February 15th. We'll have a sweet table and lots of Valentine's fun! Vito will teach Bolero prior to the Valentine's Day Party.

We'll end the month having just as much fun. One of my personal favorites is Vito's monthly Friday night  social dance at Georgetown West. I like to call it the most fun dance in the Chicagoland area. The floor is comfortable and spacious, it's a relaxed setting, refreshments and snacks are served. After a full night of ballroom favorites, lately, we've been dedicating the last 15 minutes of the evening to freestyle dancing. We play popular hits from the 60s, 70s and 80s; Jerry Lee Lewis, the Rolling Stones, Elvis... you name it. It's the dancers call and every song is a request. This is the one dance you don't want to miss! You'll be glad you made it, I promise...

Let's face it, Spring has not quite arrived yet. You can sit inside and bemoan the continued freezing temps, or you can put your warmest coat on and come on out. Once you're inside the warm studio having fun and dancing, you won't regret it. Hope to see you often in February!


Your friend,


Sunday, January 19, 2014

SAMBA Lesson and Ballroom Dance Party

Kick off the weekend in style!

This Friday night, Vito will host his monthly dance at Georgetown West in Wood Dale.

This month features a Samba lesson followed by a ballroom dance party. The fun starts at 7:30.

We like to think it's the most fun dance in the Chicagoland area. Come on by, you will be glad you did!

Details are on the website:

Friday, January 3, 2014

Swing into 2014!

Happy New Year, Dancers!

Get out those new calendars! It's time to fill in some dates. We have a lot of fun events in store for 2014 - it's going to be a fabulous year, full of dance, friends and fun!

Group classes are back:
Level II Cha Cha and Level III Tango start Tuesday, January 7th.

Level I Waltz starts Thursday, January 9th.

You can also take a private lesson: Call Vito, 630-542-7644.

New group class schedules will be available monthly on the website and are also posted at Georgetown West.

Our first dance of 2014 will be at Ballroom City on Saturday, January 18. Vito will teach a stylish East Coast Swing pattern. Vito appears at Ballroom City on the third Saturday of each month. Check here for each month's announcement.


We'll be back at Georgetown West for a Friday night dance on Friday, January 24. Vito will be teaching a HOT Samba pattern. This is always a fun dance - be sure not to miss it!

You can view the current month's dance details here.

Vito also returns to Dance World! This wonderful, not-for-profit organization dedicated to ballroom dance has been affiliated with Vito for many years. In 2014, Vito is scheduled to teach and host in April and July.

Saturday, April 14, 2014, Vito will be teaching a Rumba pattern.

Saturday, July 12, 2014 it will be a Foxtrot pattern.



See you out dancing soon!

New in 2014! The Tango Argentina Club has invited Vito to host and teach at their monthly ballroom dance.

Vito's debut appearance there is scheduled for Friday, February 7th, where he will be teaching Rumba prior to the dance party.