Monday, August 19, 2013

September Group Class Schedule - NEW CLASS ADDED!

Hello, dancers,

The September ballroom dance group class schedule is here! Vito has added a new Intermediate Rumba session on Tuesday evenings at 7:00.

Thursday evening classes are back by popular demand. During the month of September, Vito will be teaching 3-count Hustle at 7:00 and Level I Rumba at 8:00.

Get the details:

See you in class! 


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Georgetown Clubhouse Construction Update

It has been a while since I've posted a construction update - so to recap first, the floor at the Georgetown Clubhouse, despite being relatively new, was torn out in February due to moisture problems.

Before a new floor could be installed, the moisture problems needed to be addressed so that the problem wouldn't re-occur. The GWIC board met regularly and asked engineers and consultants to attend their meetings as well. Meanwhile, the bare concrete floor sat, completely surrounded by thick plastic sheets to protect the rest of the Clubhouse from dust and dirt.

The dance classes have been held in the South Meeting Room for the past several months. While the room has been a comfortable temporary home for the group classes, we miss our beautiful Clubhouse! But most of all, we miss the ability to hold monthly dance parties - something the South Meeting Room is too small to accomodate.

Finally, some good news!

Before: The bare floor prior to sealing and waterproofing. The drywall on the lower portion of the walls was removed around the entire perimiter.

Above: The sub-floor arriving at the Clubhouse!

The sub-floor being staged for installation. Behind, the floor has been sealed and waterproofed. The lower portion of the walls has been re-installed and a coat of fresh paint was put on all of the walls.

The group of professionals in charge of this project say they have determined the source of the issues. They made a plan and have gone to work. Floor installation is underway!

We haven't been given a firm date yet, but management estimates that we can resume monthly dance parties this September. We'll keep you posted.

It's been a long time, so in case you could use a reminder, the Just Dance ballroom dance parties are normally held on Friday nights. Depending on the Clubhouse's other bookings (weddings, etc.), the dance party takes place on either the third or fourth Saturday of the month. Tentatively, we're looking at September 27. We're optimistic that we'll be publishing announcements for that soon! Stay tuned...


August 22, 2013

Good progress this week!

The final waterproofing coats have been applied. The installers have now moved on to the next step - installing the sub-floor.

For dancers, this is a critical part of the process. It's the last time we'll see it. But not the last time we will know it is there. Our feet will thank us for dancing on this floor because of the thick, rubber coating that will provide the finished floor with a flexibility that will absorb shock that would normally occur in our own joints; knee, ankle, you name it. The sub-floor will also protect the flooring on top of it from moisture in the future. The product resembles this photo I found on the website of a flooring company:

As you can see in the photo below, the installers managed to lay approximately 20% of the sub-floor by the end of the day on Thursday.

As always, I'll keep you posted as this project moves forward.


August 28, 2013

The new floor is almost finished!!!

WOW! We walked in to quite a suprise yesteray afternoon. The Clubhouse looks fantastic!

There is a small amount still remaining to be done at the far end (you may be able to see the subfloor still exposed on either side of the fireplace). There are also unfinished areas at the edges of the stairs where you enter the floor (not pictured). The baseboards will need to be installed, then cleanup and then the removal of all that plastic sheeting is all that is left. The Clubhouse is starting to look great again... finally!

We will meet with management and see if we can get some dance dates on the calendar. More on that as soon as possible...


August 30, 2013

When we arrived for class, we found most of the plastic sheeting had been taken down. A GCIA member was walking around on the floor, inspecting it. So, we decided to give it a whirl!

We are really impressed. The thick rubber and plywood sub-floor pads this floor and makes it so comfortable! What can I say? Can't wait to dance on it!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ballroom Dance Party - Saturday, August 17, 2013 at Ballroom City in Villa Park

Vito Magrone will be at Ballroom City this Saturday night! Join Vito and the gang for Cha Cha -- stay for the dance party. We're going to have a G-R-E-A-T time!!!

Click for dance party details.